Top 3 Sports Betting Video Ads from Unibet

Unibet is a popular online casino. One of the reasons why they are ahead of many of their competitors is that they have great video ad campaigns. Here are their most popular sports betting video ads.

Wanna Bet

The ad shows that a man is watching a football match and wishing that the goalkeeper saves the goal. The old woman sitting beside him says that it will be a goal and it becomes a goal. So, the old woman wins.

In the hospital bed, a pregnant woman says that it will be a girl, the husband and the mother say that they bet it’s a boy and it turns out to be a girl.

In another scene, a young man is waiting to enter a casino but is standing in a queue for a long time. He is worried when his turn will come, and a girl appears saying that she bets they will enter now.

This ad shows how easily you can bet on anything from anywhere and that’s what exactly what Unibet does.

Frozen Moments

This is a very beautiful ad where it shows that a player just kicked a football that passes through the other players and is approaching the goal post. However, no one can predict whether there will be a goal or not.

In the screen it shows the chance of winning, draw and losing. It clearly tells how exciting football betting can be as anyone can win. Unibet has created a similar ad for golf as well.

Luck Is No Coincidence

This is an exciting ad about chess. Two players are competing, and it is shown that one of the players work hard day and night and thinks about chess all the time. Finally, his hard work pays off and he wins the match. So, sports betting is not purely luck, it’s about strategies too.

Unibet offers lots of sports betting opportunities for punters; you can bet on different sports like football, golf, horse races, and more. You can bet on both the major leagues as well as local games. The video ads mentioned here have been successful in encouraging many people to bet on different sports at Unibet.

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