Whether you are a business owner or a marketing professional, you need to know about the latest B2B and digital marketing trends. Video ads for web are something new and trendy.

To keep up with the competition, you should learn about these as well. Now there is no better way to learn any new concept than to read some good books. Here are some books we highly recommend.

Full Funnel Marketing

By – Matt Heinz

You can look at business marketing process as a funnel. There are some roles to play on the upper side and the lower side of the funnel. The upper side involves generating leads and selling.

The decisions made on lower side impacts revenue. Here you will learn how to play a bigger role as a B2B marketer.

Welcome to the Funnel

By – Jason Miller

This book is a practical guide for any B2B marketer. Here, the author, who is a content marketing leader, shares his own experiences, trials and errors with the readers. You will get a lot of practical advice from the author which will help you in B2B marketing.

Google AdWords for Beginners

By – Cory Rabazinsky

Google AdWords is used by digital marketing professionals to promote their business. In this book, you will learn how to setup and maintain a Google AdWords account. You will know how to design a successful campaign and generate leads.

Digital Marketing That Actually Works

By – Krista Neher

This book will give you great digital marketing ideas for your business. You will get a deep understanding of the various digital marketing trends and strategies that you can apply in your business and help the business to grow.

The Rise and Rise of Online Video Advertising

By – N. A. De Silva

Video ads are an important part of digital marketing strategy. As people are now using more PCs, mobile and other devices to search for products and services, it is important to promote your business through video ads. This book teaches you how to do that. You will gain a lot of knowledge by reading these books. The books are highly recommended for serious marketers who want to get ahead of the competition.

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